The Buttered Tin & Hope Creamery (2017 program, 2018 calendar)

The Buttered Tin in St. Paul exists today thanks to owner Alicia Hinze’s love of brunching. “Growing up I had brunch every single Saturday with family and friends, sharing the ups and downs of life around good food,” she says. “It’s one of my favorite things to do.” When Alicia moved to Lowertown St. Paul in 2010 and discovered her beloved city turned into a ghost town on the weekends – with no place to have brunch – something had to change. “It was dead. Just tumbleweeds! I couldn’t figure out where everybody went!” she exclaims. Determined to infuse some life and energy into Lowertown, Alicia opened The Buttered Tin.

Now folks flock to the neighborhood corner bakery for breakfast, brunch, and treats. Baking is Alicia’s forte, a passion shared with her paternal grandmother. “My love of eating out is from my mom’s side of the family, my love of cooking from my dad’s side,” she explains. Alicia relies exclusively on Hope Creamery’s butter for her goodies. “Since butter – along with eggs – is the main ingredient in most baked goods, you must have quality,” she notes.

In Tim Christman’s estimates, Alicia’s one of over one hundred chefs and bakers who use Hope Creamery butter. Tim’s the sales manager at Hope, and he knows why: “We make butter fresh every week. It’s never stored. It’s that simple.”

Owned by Victor and Kellie Mrotz, Hope’s butter is considered the freshest around because of the old-fashioned, hands-on, small-batch operation they hold near and dear. Each week Hope’s tanker truck arrives with 16,500 pounds of fresh cream. Three batches later that cream has become 8,000-9,000 pounds of premium, luxurious butter. As the sales manager, Tim’s typically the one to interface with the public and hear people gush. He laughs, “People hug me and say, ‘I love your butter!’ But some are kind of fanatical; one person told me he has our wrapper framed and hanging on his wall.”