Chef Brian Hauke from Red Stag Supper Club prepared the dish, using ingredients from Dragsmith Farms

For the Salad:
1 C kohlrabi, sliced
1 C radish, sliced
8 oz Mortadella, cut into strips
4 oz firm sheep’s milk cheese
6 oz baby salad greens
For the Vinaigrette (makes 5 servings):
1 ea. shallots, diced
2 T champagne vinegar
1/2 C extra virgin olive oil
1 T ea parsley and chives, chopped

Cover shallots with champagne vinegar. Let sit and allow flavors to blend. Add oil and herbs. Stir vinaigrette before adding to salad.

Puffed Rice:
1 T wild rice
canola oil

Heat the oil to 425˚F (do not exceed) and add rice. Wait for the rice to puff, and float to the surface. Skim rice off the surface of oil and place on paper towels. Season with kosher salt. Repeat until desired quantity of puffed rice is reached.

To serve:
Mix together radish, kohlrabi, Mortadella, and greens, and dress with vinaigrette. Season with salt and pepper. Garnish with the cheese and puffed rice.

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