Jules’ Bistro & Stony Creek Dairy (2018 program, 2019 calendar)



Over the course of ten years, countless meetings, and innumerable Greek salads, Donella Westphal fell in love with Jules’ Bistro – the people, energy, physical space, everything. So when Jules’s previous owner privately revealed to Donella her intentions to sell, Donella deliberated for a mere five minutes before telling her husband she wanted to buy it. Six short weeks later Jules’ was theirs. The rewards have surpassed her expectations. “When the restaurant’s full and people are happy, those moments make me teary. The community, the joy here – that’s what I wanted to offer at Jules’,” she says.

Donella’s approached this entrepreneurial adventure with gusto and savvy, balancing the desire to showcase her team’s creativity with the importance of keeping enough things familiar for the loyal, longtime regulars. She’s slowly introduced specialty beer and wine events to Jules’ and is moving toward sourcing more local products, beginning with locally baked artisanal bread and a new quality coffee program. This led to Jules’ partnership with Stony Creek Dairy in Melrose. “If we were going to offer really awesome coffee, we wanted amazing dairy with it,” she says. Now, thanks to Donella’s enthusiasm and a product worth talking about, news of Stony Creek Dairy is getting around St. Cloud fast.

Grant Schoenberg and Nate Terra of Stony Creek Dairy know they offer a top-notch product and are thrilled their reach is expanding. Grant says, “Our dairy has a soft, rich flavor because it’s from one herd source – not co-oped – and because we pasteurize slowly and at a low temperature. The flavor hangs on; the taste of cream stays in our milk.” Because their bottling plant is on the same property as the cattle, milk can go from cow to bottle in under seven hours. “Our milk has a three hundred-foot carbon footprint plus whatever mileage it requires to reach the customer. There are no unneeded miles under your milk,” says Nate. “That freshness sets us apart.”